TLGA Board Meeting 7/17/16

  • Call to order 12:59
  • Roll Call
  • Dave Fredricks, Timothy Franco voted in as board members unanimously
  • Agenda suspended (jfm/bt2nd)
  • Discussion of legal fees/fines re: Party Plus
  • Discussion of car rental for Taft
  • Discussion of lack of proper bookkeeping
  • Discussion of improper handling of monies received w/ Drag Bingo
  • Motion to remove April Moss as president effective immediately (jfm/bt2nd)
  • Motion passed 13:26
  • Motion to install John Foley as President, Bill Travis as Vice President, and Timothy Franco as Secretary.
  • All motions seconded and passed @ 13:39
  • Discussion of 4th Ave Pride Parade Theme = The Return of Diversity and Home
  • Review of Minutes of 6/5/2016 Meeting
  • Review of Parties Plus Arbitration
  • Motion to pursue appeal and speak with lawyer concerning said arbitration (jfm/db2nd)
  • Motion passed unanimously
  • Discussion of sponsorship update (nonspecific)
  • Dea to put in newsletter (Senior Pride) reorganization of Board of Directors and all new members welcome.
  • Entertainment discussion: CeCe Peniston headliner $4000, Maxine Nightingale $4000 + flight from Burbank CA, Thea Austin SNAP $3500-$4000
  • Board decided on Maxine Nightingale (to be pursued)
  • Decision to be finalized by Aug 1
  • Possibility of Amber Norgaard as entertainment if she’s willing to perform pro-bono (Dea will pursue)
  • Logistics update WWWest security/TPD
  • Motion to use La Quinta for accommodations – Passed
  • Motion for Tempest DuJour to host Pride @ $500 (jfm/tf2nd)
  • Motion passed
  • Motion to Use Larry Moore to help backstage manage etc with Lady Ashley (Scott) with pay @ $200 each – Motion Passed (jfm/tf2nd)
  • Commission a portrait using artist Eric Turnbeck with pay. (jfm/tf2nd) - Motion passed
  • Further Review of ION readership etc needed before possibly buying ad space. Suspended till further review at next meeting.
  • Discussion to approach NCAA and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Meeting adjourned @1519

Timothy Franco Secretary respectfully submit these minutes of the Tucson Lesbian and Gay Alliance Board of Directors meeting of July 17th 2016 as correct.

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From The President and Tucson Board of Directors
Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance

Financial Report

Dear Tucson Community,

Since day one of taking office, Bill Travis (Vice-President) and I have tried to piece together as best we could for the financial report. As of July 22nd 2016 we have a total of $4,081.31 for the bank.

Upon further research into the organizations financial structure we discovered past due bills that have not been paid. Here is the break down. In 2015 the “Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” entered into business with “Parties Plus” without having a contract signed. Now allegedly “Parties Plus” was unable to finish setting up the festival area in the time allotted in 2015. The “Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” did not pay “Parties Plus” the amount due of $12,000.00 for allegedly not completing the job. “Parties Plus” took the “Lesbian and Gay Alliance” to court and on July 11th 2016 the courts found in Favor of Parties Plus” for the amount of $9,000.00.

Further research into this case shows that “Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” spoke to several attorneys to take the case, each of the attorneys asked told the past board they would not take the case. The insurance company of “Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” assigned the case to one of their attorneys. Attorney fees for the Parties Plus vs Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance came out to $2,217.07

Other accounts that “Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” owes are to “Sunbelt” who supplied the generators for the Pride event in 2015 in the amount of $3,188.38 plus late fees in the amount of $443.97 for a total amount due of $3,632.35

“Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” owes “AZ Cine” who set the stage up for the 2015 Pride Festival $5,081.10

“Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance” owes money to Tucson’s “Parks and Recreation Department” for the event that took place at “Armory Park” in 2012 in the amount of $378.00

All outstanding bill comes to $20,308.52

I apologize for not having better news for the Tucson Community. However I did promise transparency no matter how hard it is to look at. Plans for raising money for the 40th annual include year round Fundraising, Grant Writing (We are currently seeking an experienced grant writer please contact

Yearly Sponsorship Drive from October 2nd 2016 up to September 2017 In the mean time, myself (and the current Board) need your help from the Tucson Community to make our 39th annual festival a success by donating so that we can get these outstanding bills paid and put behind us.

I am a Son of Tucson born and raised in this city. It breaks my heart to know that this community has not been represented in a fashion that would capture your best interest. The past president apparently did not have the foresight to reach out to the community or listen to ideas of the people that were placed on the board at that time.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we recover from this temporary financial setback.

John Foley
President Tucson Pride

July 17th 2016 Press Release

Tucson Board of Directors
Tucson Lesbian & Gay Alliance

Hello to the community of Tucson April Moss as of July 17th 2016 has stepped down from the president’s position. The Board of Directors would like to publicly thank Ms. Moss for her years of service to the “The Lesbian & Gay Alliance”. We wish her continued success in any of her future endeavors.

The Board of Directors would like to welcome the newly appointed President. Mr. John Foley. John (Johnny) was born and raised in Tucson. His return home to Tucson brings to the board an enormous amount of knowledge in both non-profit and profit based business. Mr. Foley is dedicated to the continued success of his board and the Tucson Pride mission of diversity. The Board of Directors wants the Tucson community to be assured that this board as of July 17th 2016 has become completely transparent in all transactions.

Mr. Foley has an open door policy to the public. He can be reached by many means. Below is his contact information.
Cell: 602-793-2337
Best Regards,

Tucson Pride Board of Directors




Please note: TLGA/Tucson Pride is an IRS 501 (c)(3), tax exempt organization.  All sponsorships/donations are tax deductible.



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