A little bit about us

Tucson Lesbian and Gay Alliance (dba: Tucson Pride) is Arizona's first and oldest LGBT pride organization not only Arizona, but in the nation. Tucson Pride organizes and promotes the greater Tucson metropolitan areas LGBT pride parade (Pride on Parade) and pride festival (Pride in the Park) which are currently held at the start of October each year in Tucson, Arizona, to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and their allies.
Tucson Pride is a non-profit organization. All members of the Board of Directors for Tucson Pride, as well as its committees, serve on a strictly volunteer basis. No member receives any payment, financial or otherwise, for serving.

The Tucson Pride events, Pride on Parade and Pride in the Park are funded by a combination of community fundraising by the pride committee, corporate sponsorships, vendor fees and donations collected from the participants at the festival.

Tucson Pride is a member of CAPI (Consolidated Association of Prides, Inc.) and Interpride.

The 2016 current board of directors are:

John Foley - President 

James Morales - Secretary 
Dea Brasgalla - Co-Vice President

Sam Cloud - Co-Vice President
Patrick Holt

Teresa Cordova 

Aviry Christi

Steven Ivey

James Jameson

Chris Flores

Tucson Lesbian and Gay Alliance has been very fortunate to have Mr. David Hoffman head up our Branding, Graphic Design, and Marketing for the 2016 Pride year.

Tucson Lesbian and Gay Alliance board meetings are held every month and are open to the public. For more information, please call John Foley at (602) 793-2337.

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Tucson Lesbian and Gay Alliance is a proud member of these organizations:

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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